Construction is dangerous. However, health and safety are Lambert Bros., Inc.’s main focus and responsibility. We want our employees to go home in the same shape they arrive each day. That is why we are committed to training our employees in an attempt to work incident and injury free.

In order to accomplish our safety goal, it takes both the employer and the employees. We encourage employees to come forward to discuss any and all safety concerns they may have on-site or in the office.

We have a Safety Policy and Safety Rules which cover various safety issues, including signaling, crane safety, rigging, fall protection, personal protective equipment, man lifts and forklifts, trench safety, fire safety, etc. We have a minimum requirement of six (6) hour video training with a quiz before anyone is permitted to begin working on our sites. Lambert Bros., Inc. attempts to start each day with a short safety meeting to discuss any possible dangers, remind everyone of the importance of safety, etc.  We also have both weekly and monthly safety inspections and audits on our sites and always welcome suggestions from employees, subcontractors, owners, etc., in an effort to continually strive to improve safety.

Lambert Bros., Inc. is a Drug-Free Workplace and has incorporated a zero-tolerance policy on same, which will help ensure a safe work environment for all employees. Lambert Bros., Inc. believes it beneficial to constantly improve the quality of our employees and encourage each employee to share their knowledge, experience, and skills with coworkers in order to maximize safety.

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