Our Projects

Marine Work:

Marine work 2SFWMD-G251SFWMD-S5ASFWMD-S21SFWMD-G337Jupiter
  • Department of Environmental Protection – Bill Baggs State Park – Seawall Repairs
  • Town of Palm Beach –  Palmwood Avenue – Slope Stabilization
  • Florida Dept. of Transportation – I-95/595 Pond Armoring
  • Florida Dept. of Transportation – Port of Miami – Sewall Rehabilitation
  • City of Oakland Park – F&I new timber piles, gangway, deck, rail & boat launch
  • South Florida Water Management – Wingwall Replacement, sheet piling & cathodic protection.
  • Central Broward Water District – Bulkhead Replacement
  • City of Coral Springs – Storm Water Station rack repair
  • City of Jupiter – Riverwalk—Pile driving, Installation of Pedestrian Bridge
  • Department of Environmental Protection – Woodpile installation for new bathhouse
  • SFWMD (South Florida Water Management) – S343—Replace catwalk & gate supports in Everglades
  • SFWMD —S131—Platform Replacement
  • SFWMD – G-250/G337—Pump bearing repairs & structural rehabilitation
  • SFWMD – S-20F—Cathodic Protection Replacement & Structural Repairs
  • SFWMD—S21—Cathodic Protection & Structural Repairs
  • SFWMD – G251 – F&I wingwall extensions, new trash rake abutment walls, and foundation, piling and misc. site
  • SFWMD-S5A-Pump Station & Bridge Repairs, dewatering, Building updates, new bridge Deck, Lead Abatement, etc.

Carpentry, Building Restorations, Renovations, and Build-Outs:

  • City of Ft Laud.-Fire Station #13—Interior Renov., concrete and Roof Repairs
  • Florida Dept. of Environ. Protection —Boardwalk Replacement & Bathhouse
  • City of Lauderhill—Interior renovations/build-out for new City Hall.
  • Broward County Housing Authority—Interior renov./build-out for new offices.
  • City of Ft Laud.—Bass Park—Install new playground equip., rubber padding, etc.
  • City of Ft Laud.—F&I new lifeguard stands with opening windows and shutters.
  • PBS&J—Interior Renovations/Build Out of four floors


  • Town of Palm Beach – Palmwood Avenue – Road Repairs, drainage and slope stabilization
  • Florida Department of Transportation – Concrete/Welding Maintenance Contract
  • Florida Department of Transportation – T4410 – Town of Palm Beach – Road and Curb Replacement
  • Florida Turnpike: Lantana-F&I barrier wall anchors/Trans Guardrails, impact curbs
  • Florida Turnpike: Commerical Blvd.— Remove & Replace toll Islands
  • Florida Turnpike: Bird Road and Homestead Toll Plaza—Modify old toll plaza, F&I new High-speed toll gantry
  • Florida Turnpike: Sawgrass Espressway—F&I new high-speed toll gantries, gantry building, concrete barrier & stairwell tunnels below ground

Welding and Metal Work:

Welding 1WeldingWelding 2
  • County of West Palm Beach – ECR Wastewater Treatment Plant – Handrail replacements; lifeline installation and concrete repairs
  • Florida Department of Transportation – E4Q67 – Handrail Repairs
  • Red Road Florida Turnpike – Canopy Repair at Toll Plaza
  • Florida Turnpike: SW 125 Street — Canopy Repair
  • Florida Turnpike: Bird Road and Homestead Toll Plaza—Modify steel canopy
  • Florida Turnpike: Sawgrass – steel canopy structure; F&I corrugated & aluminum fascia in wave pattern
  • Miami Metro Zoo: Aviary Repairs— Cable tensioning and repair work to cables Concrete, Brick, Etc:
  • City of Hollywood: Orangebrook Golf Course—Reno. of golf course, including cart paths, stamped concrete
  • United States Coast Guard —Install concrete pad and NOAA satellite antenna.
  • Cooper City: Sidewalk Replacement—Remove old sidewalk, cut tree roots, and install new sidewalk
  • City of Tamarac: Sidewalk Replacement
  • Solid Waste Authority: NCRRF Entrance Scales Replacement
  • Town of Palm Beach—Concrete repairs, Railing repairs, maintenance repairs